Why Bible Memory?

Are you thinking, "What?! Bible memory as part of their curriculum?" If you are, that's fine! I know it may seem different to include this in a topic on curriculum, but for us, it is one way to make sure we get this important thing accomplished.

First of all, let's talk about why memorizing Scripture is important to us. Here are two fundamental reasons: God says,"Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds…" (Deut. 11:18a NIV) and David says in Psalm 119:11 (NIV) "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you."

So, God commands us to do it and hiding His Word in our hearts is an antidote to sin. What better way to hide His Word in our hearts than to memorize it?!

Since God commands us to do it, that in itself should motivate me to get busy and help my children memorize and to do it myself. But are there other reasons to make Bible memory a part of our curriculum - and not just our curriculum - but our lives?

Yes! Here are some I have thought of: (We'd love to hear what benefits you have found!)

  • Working together

  • Having Scripture in our hearts so we can meditate on it. Ps. 119:15a KJV "I will meditate in thy precepts…"

  • Learning respect for the ways of God. Ps. 119:15 KJV "I will…have respect unto thy ways."

  • Disciplining our minds to work hard

  • Blessing others as we share our memory work with them

  • Chances for public speaking practice when we recite verses to friends, family, and at church or nursing homes

  • Learning character by persevering through the tough times when no onefeels like memorizing

  • Getting to watch our cute kids =)

  • Okay, so we have talked about why we should memorize and what some of the benefits are. But how do we do it?

This sounds really basic, but in order to memorize something, at least for most of us, repetition will be one of the biggest factors. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and then when you know it well, keep reviewing it once a week or so to stay refreshed in it.

There are lots of things you can do to make the repetition of Bible memory fun for your children. Try passing around a little stuffed animal from person to person while playing music. As each one gets the animal, they say the next word of the verse. Whoever has the stuffed animal when the music stops, is out.

You can also use index cards, write one word of the verse on each card, mix them up, and then let your children put them in the right order.

Or make up your own motions for different words in the passage and act it out together. This is one of our favorite ways to memorize and we have found others love watching us when we do the verses with motions.

It is so much fun to watch our younger children pick up the memory of Scripture just by hearing us repeat passages over and over and watching and helping with the motions.

If you'd like a peek at some Bible memory that we've done, you can check out this little video. {Just please don't expect perfection in the performance department. =)}

May we keep hiding God's Word in our hearts!

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