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An Organized Home Is Possible With A Large Homeschooled Family

by Cassandra

Having an organized home is not the easiest goal to attain when raising a large family and homeschooling on top of it all...in fact, it's impossible... sometimes! But can it be done?


We have set up a schedule this year that will hopefully prove to be a either a success...or...a Zoo!!

For those of you who want a peak into my schedule...hold on...Are you ready?

1. Every one up, showered, and dressed by 7:00 to meet at the breakfast table for breakfast and prayer.

2. ALL children clean up the kitchen (more on our fast cleanup method later)

3. 7:45 all children 1st to 10th grade at their desks starting school.

Meanwhile...I straighten the upstairs and dress my 2 year old and 5 year old, throw a load in the washer, run the vacuum...

4. 9:00 start my kindergartner on school and help all other children as we plod on...

5. 12:00 One hour break for lunch and recess

6. Nap and rest time for the 2 year old and kindergarten

7. 1:00 Autumn's music (violin)

8. 2:00 Joshua's music(violin)

9. 3:00-4 DO NOT BOTHER MOM TIME!!!! I need quiet!!

10. 5:30 -supper

11. 7:00 Family devotions

12. 7:30 bed time for 4 little ones

13. 8:30 bed time for next 3 big ones

14. 9:00 Bed time for oldest


This is really my schedule...each child has their own charts and schedules they follow. This helps me keep up with cleaning, school, baths, ect

Some time I might share their chore charts and schedules...

Are we always organized!! Ha Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Can you hear me laughing? The Goal is to be...if there is not a goal what is there to reach for?

I can do all thinks through Christ who strengthens me!!

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