Declutter Your Life and Your Home

Oh, for a machine to declutter the counters, corners, drawers, and piles! Or a button to push to organize your day with no interruptions! But, since neither of these will happen and we need to take responsibility for our lives and homes, where do we start?

I believe we must start to declutter our lives by taking a look at our priorities.

Like the saying goes, first things first! Keep God at the top of all your priorities. Start each day by asking Him to direct you, guide you, and help you do the things He wants you to do that day.

Keep asking Him for wisdom throughout the day. He promises to give it to those who ask in faith, and as a wife and mom, I need it often!

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Let Jesus speak to you and quiet your heart. He loves you and cares about you. 

Our lives are not meant to be a tiring rush of activity, but a beautiful testimony of His work in our hearts.

We don't need to perform by having a perfectly spotless house or picture - perfect yard. Instead, the Lord wants us to come to Him, find rest, and receive strength for serving.

My husband is my next priority. How can I meet his needs today and bless and serve him?

Our children come next, along with taking care of the house God has blessed us with. It is a constant challenge to organize and declutter a home when you have seven people living in it!

A Few Tips

Here are some tips for time management and organization that have been helpful for me and I hope will be the same for you.

  •  Get up early enough to get my day started before the children get up.
  •  Plan our evening meal in the morning and do any preparatation possible then.
  •  Run errands one day a week.
  •  Use the Crock Pot.
  •  Be content.
  •  Pick up toys a few times a day. (Get your children involved. It is a great way to help teach responsibility!)
  •  Pay bills online.
  •  At least once a week put away the odds and ends that have collected on the kitchen counters.
  •  Before going to bed, straighten up the house.
  •  Be willing to get rid of stuff you probably won't use again, even if it is still in good condition.
  •  Teach your children to pick up their clothes and fix their beds.
  •  Don't over-commit yourself. Learn to say "no".
  •  Pray for "mom - eyes" to find the lost shoe, the missing glove, or the precious doll that has to go with us wherever we go.
  •  Remember to enjoy the moments!

God wants your life to be one of order and peace. Take the time to attack that pile of papers that's been on the desk for too long, sort the clothes that have been waiting to find a home since your kids outgrew them, or take a walk to have some quiet time with God.

Make realistic goals and try for one small project a day. You'll be amazed at the progress and love the results that come from taking time to declutter your life and home!


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