What are the Facts About Homeschooling and Quality Curriculum?

Do you know the facts about homeschooling and curriculum?

Will you be able to provide your child at home with the quality curriculum that he/she would receive in a public school? Keep reading and find out the truth!

*A panel of teachers with teaching backgrounds from junior high to graduate school recently evaluated the most popular physical science texts. They report:

  • The books were FILLED with errors.

    Some were copy errors (a photo of Linda Ronstadt labeled as “silicon crystal doped with an arsenic impurity”), but most were serious science errors!

    The authors said that they wanted to report all of the errors, but “... listing all the errors would make this report much too long (over 500 pages).”

  • The books were incredibly confusing.

    There were experiments that could not work, technical words not defined, and drawings representing impossible situations.

  • The books were far too busy.

    There were complicated illustrations and irrelevant photos that detracted students from learning the subject at hand.

  • There is a lot of inconsistency between the text and the notes for the teacher in the teacher’s edition.

    Sometimes the book will say one thing, and the teacher’s notes will say exactly the opposite.

  • All of the authors note:

    “Not one of the books we reviewed reached a level that we would call scientifically accurate.”

  • The publishers seem unconcerned:

    “We also noticed that publishers, when presented with lists of errors, suggest that their new printing or edition has taken care of those errors. Subsequent looks at these new books showed some corrections and often more errors.”

Conclusion: This report shows the fallacy of believing that the curriculum of a public school will be superior to what your child would receive at home.

You are very concerned about your child’s curriculum, and you will be able to provide them with the curriculum they need.

Mom or Dad, the facts about homeschooling indicate that you are capable of providing the highest quality education for your children by teaching them at home. Go for it!

Glad to be dad,

LaVerne Stoltzfus

*The report by a panel of teachers that is quoted in this article is from the handout to a speech entitled “Homeschooling: The Solution to our Education Problem”, by Dr. Jay L. Wile, Ph.D., Apologia Educational Ministries.

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