The High Price of Free Online Homeschooling

What are the pros and cons of free online homeschooling through the public school system? What is the real price? You may be surprised.

There are some really good reasons to consider free online homeschooling.

The best reason I know of, is that it keeps your child away from the un-Christian influence of many public school teachers and students. The second best reason, is that it's free. You may even get to use a laptop for free. Who wouldn't want that?

But is there a hidden cost?


Why would a public school district want your homeschooled child to enroll in it's free online homeschooling program? I’ll give three possible reasons:

  1. The school district gains thousands of dollars in profit (in government funding) because your child is enrolled.
  2. The school district gains back control over your child. She is now a public school student that is under the control of the school district’s teachers, and must use curriculum approved by the school.
  3. The student must be tested by the school. Why does that matter? Consider this: what gets tested is what must be taught. Whoever controls the testing ends up controlling the curriculum because the student must learn what is needed to pass the tests. After spending all of the necessary time to learn the school mandated materials, who is going to have the time, energy and resources to add a significant amount of Christian curriculum on top of this?

By enrolling your homeschool student in a virtual public school, you are effectively setting up a public school in your home.

Consider this quote by Lamar Alexander, Secretary of Education under former President George H. W. Bush: “A public school would become any school that receives students who brought with them public monies...” (Quoted in Homeschool Heroes, Klicka).

This may involve a great loss of your freedoms and privacy in your homeschooling.

For example, because of the public school’s curriculum requirements, you may lose the ability to adjust your homeschool curriculum to the individual needs of your students. This ability to choose curriculum has been a hallmark of Christian homeschooling.

You may be effectively choosing to give up a Christian education and replace it with a secular eduction.

It’s been estimated that 80 percent of virtual public school students are former private homeschoolers. The homeschooling movement is successful, according to Christopher Klicka, because of it’s Christian roots. What will be the long-term effect of this massive shift toward more secular influence?

We may be paying a very high price, just to save some money and use a free laptop.

The soul of homeschooling is built on the foundation of many Christian parents who risked almost everything to gain the freedom to give their children a Christian home education. Is "free" online homeschooling really worth it, or is the price too high?

You tell me.


Glad to be dad,


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