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Homeschool Dad, You Can
Be A Teacher!

Homeschool dad, are you involved in the teaching of your children?

Maybe you're so busy that it just doesn't seem possible. Or maybe you really don't feel qualified. Well, believe it or not - there are easy ways that you CAN be a teacher!

What? Huh?

Start by listening, really listening to the questions of your children.

Sometimes I get weary of the seemingly endless questions that our children ask, and begin tuning them out. But dad's, this is one of the very best opportunities that we have to teach them!

homeschooling dad reading to boys Use EVERY question as an opportunity, an open door to the child's heart.

Make sure you understand the question, and then give the best answer you know how to give. Don't hurry. Take your time and make sure they understand.

Hey - you've just learned how to be your child's teacher!

God has given your children a huge curiosity. As you answer their many questions you are helping shape their worldview, giving them the fundamentals that prepare them for further education.


Homeschooling dads are normal. We get tired, and sometimes we really don't feel like answering one more question.

But think about this: would you rather be teaching these great truths to a young child who is asking, or to a struggling teenager who thinks he has all the answers?

Take the time now.

This builds the foundation of spiritual truth and relationship that you will desperately need in later years. Seize the opportunity of now!

Yup, you can do it!

Hey, now that you have more confidence in teaching, here's another suggestion. Consider teaching your children in just one of their subjects.

Maybe you did well in math, and enjoy it. Be your children's math teacher! Your interest in their schooling will help the children see how important it is to you. You will also be building relationships with them through this time.

Do what works for you, though. What works for another family may not work in your home. Find a way to get involved in the education of your children, and go for it!

Homeschool Dad, I believe in you. You have what it takes.

Glad to be dad,


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