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The Homeschool Zoo E-zine is a FREE E-zine that we send out approximately five times a year.

The homeschooling movement is known for excellence, and sometimes us homeschoolers feel that we must achieve an impossibly high standard. We pressure ourselves and our children, and we all end up frustrated.

Hey - Our house is a ZOO!

But we at homeschooling-family are in the trenches with you. We know what real life is like, with upset schedules, sick children, discouraged parents, and more! We aim for the stars, but some days we look like a zoo!

Our E-zine will give you a peek into real life. We’ll share some things that work for us, and some that bombed.

We know that homeschooling can weary you to the bone.

You're in the daily grind, and sometimes you feel like it's grinding you to pieces! Let us come along side you with this E-zine, and whisper some words of hope that will get you out of that grinder and put the pieces back together.

Not only do we want to motivate you, but we want to equip you. At times we'll share some tips and techniques that have been helpful for us.

Sit down and relax. Prop your feet up. Curl up on the couch with your iPad, and sip some coffee while you read the latest Homeschool Zoo E-zine!

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What others are saying about the Homeschool Zoo...

"The pictures, the captions, the writing all make it so real, so don't quit what you're doing. It's a niche you found and you can be such an inspiration to others as you are to us."

"LaVerne I was moved by what you shared. Mom and I have many wonderful memories of raising our precious seven but my how time has flown. Today we are reaping incredible blessings for our years of toil and labor and it has been more than worth it. You and Annette have an awesome family and if there is one encouragement I would share it is to win your child's heart daily because if we as parents don't then surely the world will. Gods blessings to all."

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What Others Are Saying about

"Thank you for sharing your experiences and expertise! My hubby & I are taking the plunge into homeschooling after this school year ends...I am so grateful to your info as I am feeling much more confident in my decision to go this route."

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Ken Sande says:

"Homeschooling is