Homeschooling Books

We choose our homeschooling books very carefully.

Time is valuable - we're too busy to waste time reading less than excellent books. Our minds are valuable - we only want to read books that will help us live godly lives.

I think you will find these homeschooling books and related resources to be well worth your time. They're not all directly about homeschooling, yet all of them apply.


Homeschooling is not just about school - it's about life. It's a lifestyle of learning.

We pray that these books will equip your life to be pleasing to God, and help you be a better teacher for your children.

One Thousand Gifts...
... A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. This book is changing our lives! We are learning to see in an entirely new way.

Ann Voskamp's invigorating writing style, combined with her incredible insights about living life fully - the way we were meant to live - make this book a must read.

Home School Heroes

Home School Heroes

Written by the late Christopher Klicka, whom I consider a true homeschool hero.  Klicka was instrumental in helping to shape the early years of the homeschool movement in America.

Klicka clearly demonstrates the Christian heritage of the homeschool movement, and the importance of staying true to our heritage if we hope to continue experiencing God's blessings.

While we don't share the strong political emphasis of Klicka, this book has helped us understand and appreciate the history of homeschooling in America.

Note: this book may be titled "The Right to Teach". 

Love & Respect

Love & Respect

To have a successful homeschool, you need to first have a successful home. This is one of the best books on marriage that we have ever read! We already had a good marriage, but this book really helped us take our marriage to the next level. I recommend this book for every marriage!

Real Moms...Real Jesus

Real Moms...Real Jesus

Need some practical, real life inspiration to encourage your heart? I love this book by Jill Savage as she shares lots of stories from her own experience as a wife and mom.

She skillfully shares about a Friend that understands and cares about every situation we go through - from grumpy kids and dirty laundry to being falsely accused. Jesus is that Friend, and I, for one, want to know Him better! I found this book to be very encouraging in my walk with the Lord, and I hope you will too. 

Growing Grateful Kids

Growing Grateful Kids

Okay, don’t we all wish for children that are grateful and polite?! Susie Larson points out that we as parents need to first have grateful hearts and attitudes before we can effectively teach our children. She shares lots of helpful, interesting stories from her life as well as lots of practical ways to build gratefulness in our lives and the lives of our children. This would be a great book to add to your library!

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