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Our Top Picks!

Homeschooling curriculum...

Oh, your feet hurt. Worse yet, your head hurts! You’ve spent all day at the homeschool convention, listening to workshops and walking the aisles of the exhibit hall.

It’s all becoming a blur.

homeschooling curriculum

There is a dizzying array of curriculum. How are you ever going to decide what to use?

We wondered, too!

Choosing homeschooling curriculum is a big responsibility. We want to give our children the very best possible education, and curriculum is a big part of that.

We walked those exhibit aisles, and spent lots of time analyzing. We puzzled ‘til our puzzlers were sore! But we’re so glad we did. We’ve found some top notch curriculum that we are excited about using with our kids.

I’d love to show you what we’ve found.

What do we use?

I guess you might say we’re the picky type.

It’s very difficult for any one company to have top notch curriculum across all subjects. Nobody knows everything, and nobody know our kids like we do!

That’s why our approach is to carefully choose specialized curriculum that excels in it’s field.

Slowly, carefully, we are building the collection of curriculum that we believe is best for our family.

Here are our top picks.

We actually use every one of these. This list is not just some quick “Review” to post online. It’s our personal list of curriculum that we believe is best for our family.

And that’s a huge stamp of approval.

Bible Memory - Here's something we love!

Phonics - Play 'n Talk, The Reading Lesson

Math - Math-U-See

Language - Total Language Plus

History/Geography/Science - My Father’s World

Music - Piano Wizard Academy

Art - Mike's Inspiration Station DVD's

Physical Education - Homeschooling physical education doesn't need to be complicated or boring. Check out our simple philosophy and techniques.

Your choices may be different than ours, because your needs and goals may be different.

That’s okay.

It’s one of the great privileges of homeschooling to be able to tailor the curriculum to the individual needs of the child, and the teaching style of the parent.

I pray that our journey has helped clear at least a little of your “curriculum fog”, and helped equip you to choose the very best curriculum for your family.

And may God bless you!

Glad to be dad,


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