Homeschooling Dads, Your Family Needs You!

As us homeschooling dads look across the American landscape, the picture isn't very pretty.

Many dads are "on vacation". While their family is floundering through life, dad is largely disengaged.

Dads, we are called to something different

Our families desperately depend on us.

Unless we get involved, our families will never be all that God intends for them to be.

But how? Many of us have tried and fallen flat on our faces. Right? Right. I sure have.

This job is bigger than us.

We better cry out to God!

We're not going to be able to do this on our own strength and ability. For me to faithfully love my wife and kids as God expects me to, I'm going to need His help.

The prayer of my Heart is "Father lead me, 'cause I can't do this alone!" Once we've given our hearts entirely to the Lord and begged for His grace,

We're ready to begin

No, it's not easy. But yes, it's possible! All things are possible through Christ, and He gives more grace (Phil. 4:13, James 4:6).

Before I give you a peak into our family, I need to tell you that this dad is still "under construction". I'm so grateful for the forgiveness of Jesus, though I fail Him so often.

Homeschooling Dads are called to do the little things

How can us dads get involved and have a really great impact on our family? How can we accomplish some really big things? Surprisingly, it's often by doing a good job with the little things.

Dads are called to stay in touch

Most of us dads spend a lot of time away at work, which makes it hard to be as involved with our family as we would like to be.

I am no exception. I dream of the day when I will have much more time to spend with my family.

One way that we are pursuing our dream of more time at home is through Site Build It, a company that provides the tools you need to build a web business.

While I am away from home though, I do what I can to stay in touch.

Dads are called to be spiritual leaders

Many of us homeschool dads are very concerned about the spiritual development of our children. This is at the very top of the list in our home! This will not short-change the academic development of our children, but will greatly improve it.

Good character is the foundation for good learning.

Dads are called to be teachers

Alright, dad, maybe you don't see yourself as a teacher. You work 50 hrs a week, and don't even know how to be a teacher. But click on the link above to see some ways that even a busy dad can be a teacher.

We are called to have FUN homeschooling boys

I often take life too seriously. Life does have tough spots, but we need to learn how to enjoy life! The times that I have fun with my boys are times when their hearts are open to learn from me.

Get Involved!

Homeschooling dads, we are called to get involved in the lives of our families.

Will we answer the call?

Will we make those courageous choices about how much time we spend at work? Will we choose family time over money, relationships over that new boat?

I will. By God's grace, I will!

No, us homeschooling dads are not doing everything right. None of us are perfect. But we WILL get involved in the lives of our families, and we ARE going to do our best to give our children the very best education that we possibly can - at home!

Glad to be dad,


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