Homeschooling Facts - Am I A Qualified Teacher?

What really are the homeschooling facts? Would you like to homeschool, but feel unqualified?

The Homeschooling facts listed below may change your mind!

  • On every university campus studied, the average SAT score of students in the college of education is lower (usually by about 100 points) than the average SAT score of the entire university.
  • On every university campus studied, the college of education gives the HIGHEST grades as compared to all other colleges!

This means Our WORST students are going into teaching, and they are being held to the LOWEST standard.

Results of a study released by a 19-member commission that was appointed and funded by Louis Gerstner, a former IBM chairman:

  • Those who score poorly on college entrance exams are TWICE as likely to go into teaching compared to those who score well on the exams.
  • 61% of middle school math teachers do not even have a minor in math!
  • At least a third of entry-level teachers quit within five years. In urban schools, the rate is even higher.

As a result, these statistics should not surprise us:

  • In a test used to screen job applicants, 59% of prospective teachers in Massachusetts failed a test said to be on the eighth grade level.
  • The mandatory test of basic reading and writing skills was taken by 1,795 prospective teachers in April. A panel of educators recommended 77% as the passing mark. After the results were made known, the passing score was lowered to 66%, so only 44% of the prospective teachers would be denied employment.

Though this attracted much national media discussion, it shouldn't be too surprising.

  • According to a Scripps Howard News Service report, in the 43 other states which also use such pre-employment testing, at least 30% of the candidates have consistently failed.

Homeschooling facts show plainly that the quality of a homeschooled student’s education is independent of the parents “qualifications” to teach!

  • K-12 Basic Battery for those whose parents are certified teachers: 88
  • K-12 Basic Battery for those whose parents aren’t certified teachers: 85
  • This compares to 50% for public schools.

Were you amazed by these homeschooling facts?

Did you notice in the graph above that the academic success of the homeschooled child seems to be independent of the education level of his/her parents?

Did you also notice the academic success of the child in public school is directly tied to the education level of his/her parents? Yup!

Did you learn that the teachers of our schools may not be nearly as qualified as we have believed?

Did you notice that the K-12 Basic Battery for children whose parents are not certified teachers is 85, compared to a very low 50 for those in public schools?


These statistics show clearly that a homeschooled child with a parent who is not a certified teacher, will normally far exceed the publicly schooled student in academics.

Conclusion: In the majority of cases, you ARE qualified to teach your child at home.

Statistics verify this.

I agree with Dr. Wile: “You can not do better for your child than to educate him or her at home.”

Glad to be dad,

LaVerne Stoltzfus

All statistics in this article are from the handout to a speech entitled “Homeschooling: The Solution to our Education Problem”, by Dr. Jay L. Wile, Ph.D., Apologia Educational Ministries.

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