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Homeschooling Field Trips -
A Great Idea

"We're going on homeschooling field trips, family!"

Now, those are some words that will probably bring cheers from your children - younger and older! Our family loves going on field trips together and learning in more of a hands-on way.

boy feeding animal

Where are we going?

There are so many possibilities of places you can go for homeschooling field trips that the opportunities are almost endless.

A field trip could be as simple as a walk and picnic in the woods behind your house, exploring and identifying different birds, plants, or bugs.

You may want to plan a bigger outing like scheduling a visit to your local fire or police station.

Arrange a visit to a local farm or dairy and ride a tractor or watch the process of milking cows.

People are often very gracious about showing your family their place of business and explaining how their products are made or how their services work.

Make sure you call ahead and schedule a time that will work conveniently for you and them if you want a tour.

Our family loves visiting the zoo. (Maybe we feel kind of at home there because at times our home resembles a zoo - or a circus!)

If you live close to a nice zoo, you may want to consider buying a yearly family pass to save money on your next trip there.

A children's museum is also a great opportunity for learning. Often they have hands-on things for the kids to do and they love that!

A yearly family pass may also be a good option for your family at a place like this.

If you are traveling or vacationing in a different area, sometimes just a local business is a great field trip for your family because you don't have one like that in your area.

While traveling, we had the opportunity to go to a cheese factory in Iowa where they were making cheese curds.

Since this factory was set up with windows to see where the cheese curds were being made, we were able to watch. How educational and fun that was without any preparation ahead of time!

I have great childhood memories of field trips; some of the most memorable being a health museum and watching a glass blower.

It is worth the effort it takes to go on homeschooling field trips!

Be creative and explore the many options waiting for your family!

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