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Welcome to the world of homeschooling moms! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take a peek at this. I hope your time here is well spent and that you will find encouragement and tips that will be helpful for you!

Oh, the peace and quiet that surrounds me right now is wonderful. Knowing that my family is sleeping well after a busy day of school and work is super.

But wait! It was only within the last hour that it really got quiet around here. Before that it was reverberating with children’s noises – laughter, fighting, playing…loving life!

homeschooling mom with kids

Looking back on the day it is easy to see that it was a good day, but sometimes in the middle of it all, it is hard to see that the way I should.

Just yesterday I asked my husband, “What is that song that talks about the day being half done and your strength is all gone?”

It seems like some days the strength supply runs low long before the day is over. Thankfully, God will always give us the strength for what He calls us to do.  

His Word promises, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness..." (2 Cor. 12:9)

God wants us to trust Him even when things are hard.  Sometimes that includes not just waiting until our circumstances change, but going for a "dance in the rain"!  

So, how do homeschooling moms balance teaching school, preschoolers , and all the regular housekeeping tasks that need to be done? Very good question and one that stares me in the face often.

First Things First

One thing that God keeps reminding me of is that I CAN’T DO IT ALL! I need to focus on the most important things and then do the rest as I have time.

I want my Heavenly Father to be first, my husband second, and my children next. I don't always accomplish this, but it is my heart's desire!

Being parents and homeschooling bring many challenging situations to our lives, but there are fun, and often simple things we can do to keep the connection with our husbands strong.

Also for me, prioritizing means that during the school year school is very important. Incorporating work that the different seasons bring into the school routine is a valuable lesson in life skills and a super way to get things done!

Another thing we've learned to help keep our family on track is to SIMPLIFY.

It's okay to eat frozen pizza every now and then. It's okay to not go to every planned church activity. It's okay to not perfectly clean your house every week.

Sometimes we simply need to let go of the good so we can take hold of the best.

Here's a different way of putting it: PLANNED NEGLECT. This term has inspired me and it is a great one for other homeschooling moms to think about and put into practice, too!

Sometimes we need to neglect the good to so we can focus on the best.

Yes, the days are long, but the years are short.

As I keep that in perspective, the hard times don't seem so very bad. The years that I have with my precious children are oh, so short.

Before I know it, they will not be babies and toddlers anymore and I'll never have it to do over again. Let's treasure the moments!

The work is huge, and if you're like I am, you often feel insufficient. I hope you have found your visit here at least a little boost along the way. May God give you each day His grace and strength to carry out this wonderful, huge venture before you!



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