Homeschooling Statistics - Arm Yourself With The Truth!

Who cares about homeschooling statistics?

I do.

I want to know the truth!

I want my child to have the best possible education, so I'm going to consider what statistics are telling us about education. Look at what I've found. Prepare to be startled!

“Whether I look at studies about academics, or whether I look at studies about socialization, or whether I look at university students that I have experienced that have been homeschooled, I find that homeschooling is the significantly superior approach to education for the vast majority of people.” Dr. Jay Wile, Ph.D.

To learn more about the amazing graph below, read about a man who did research against homeschooling.

Are you worried that you're not a “qualified” teacher? Here are some amazing homeschooling facts that show you ARE a qualified teacher.

Are you afraid that the quality of homeschool curriculum is inferior to what you child would receive in a private or public school? The facts about homeschooling are conclusively otherwise!

Are you concerned that your homeschooled child may find it harder to gain entrance into college, or will struggle academically once there? Relax: statistics on homeschooling show that your child will most likely excel!

Do you secretly fear that your lower income level will make it harder for your homeschooled child to succeed, or that your more well-to-do peers are able to give their children a better education than you can? These homeschooling statistics will help you ditch your worries.

Do you ever worry that educating your child at home will make it harder for them to find or keep a job? These homeschooling statistics will help you find the truth.

And of course the kicker - socialization. Will your homeschooled child find it difficult to relate well to others? In many conversations about homeschool this topic is discussed. Let us put your fears about homeschooling and socialization to rest.

I offer these statistics humbly, not wanting to dishonor those who choose conventional schooling.

I am simply hoping to bring truth to a subject that is often mixed with untruth, and inspire you to give your children what I feel is the very best education that they could possibly receive - home education!

Glad to be dad,


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