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Homeschooling Tips - Using a Chart to Keep Us Organized

by Cassandra De Leon
(New Concord,Ohio)

I have the privilege of homeschooling 8 children. One of my problems was trying to keep up with all the work they were supposed to be doing, then grading all that work. I came up with a solution that works for our family.

1. Each child has a "Stuff to do Chart" and a "Grading Chart". I list on the "stuff to do chart" all the things I want them to do that day...(bed,teeth,bible reading,science,history etc..)
2. They finish a subject. (Science)
3. I look at their work, sign their "stuff to do chart".
4. The child grades their work near me.
5. Enters the grade into the grading chart.
6. We talk over incorrect answers.
7. I sign the grading chart.

At the end of the day, I can see all 8 charts are filled and that each child finished all their school work.

Having the children grade their own work near me, lets them see what they missed so they can fix it AND it helps me keep up on grading.

Cassandra in Ohio: Mom of 8

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