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Homeschooling Boys - Wiggles, Squiggles, Big Imaginations, and All

Have you embarked on the journey of homeschooling boys, or are you considering it?

If so, you have likely wondered at times if they are learning what they should, if they can hold still, or if what you are trying to teach them is coming through at all. I know I have!

As a mom of three boys, I will testify that it is both extremely rewarding and challenging to accept the wonderful job of homeschooling boys.

There are times when I am trying to explain a concept to one of our boys and the next thing I know, he's telling me about an imaginary adventure that he's been dreaming up.

If you've experienced this or something similar, don't despair! funny little boys

Since research shows that boys do learn differently, let's not expect them to fit the stereotype mold of a perfectly quiet and attentive student all the time.

Instead, here are some simple things we can do while homeschooling boys to help them learn in the kind of environment that works with how God has made them instead of against it.

Boys tend to learn better when they are moving (that might explain some of the wiggling!) and where it is brighter, cooler, and louder.

I can sure see some of these characteristics in our boys, and to realize that this is normal and a good way for them to learn has lessened my frustration with it.

Our one son likes to study with a heater by his feet and have it at least decently quiet in the school room, but he likes to wiggle and also doodle along the bottom and sides of his school books.

So, as you will discover, as with all children, boys vary in what works for their learning style.

A Few More Ideas

  • Speak with enthusiasm and animation when talking to him.
  • Give him a list of what needs to be done that day.
  • Let him do his math on a big marker board or standing up.
  • Be very generous with praise and encouragement.
  • Try to patiently endure the wiggling and tapping of his feet or pencil. As hard as it is for us to comprehend, it is probably not distracting him, but making it easier for him to study!
  • Let him compete against his own best time, or a sibling, while doing his math.

Yes, homeschooling boys is sometimes hard and frustrating for us as homeschooling moms.

But don't give up!

You are making one of the most valuable investments you will ever make, and the rewards will come.

Boys are wonderful creations of God, made in His image, and with a special purpose in life. What a privilege for us to be able to be so involved in shaping them by teaching them at home.

You can turn the wiggles, squiggles, and big imaginations into lots of good and impact them for eternity!

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