Want Thriving Math Students?
Math-U-See to the Rescue!


“MOM! I need help with my math!!”

If you’ve ever heard those words, (and you probably have if you’re a homeschool mom!) you know the struggle that teaching math can present.

The Answer for Us

Our family has been thrilled to find Math-U-See, a math curriculum that was highly recommended to us by other homeschooling families.

The goal of this curriculum is to not only teach math formulas, facts, and rules, but to help students become confident problem solvers who are able to use math in everyday life. With the help of manipulatives (colored blocks), students can actually SEE what they are learning.

Another great thing - it helps students ENJOY math!

We started using Math U See when our oldest son was in second grade. He loved it! He had been frustrated with what we were using, so this was a welcome change to our homeschooling math.

In fact, he flew through his first book before the school year was nearly over, and so we decided to start on the next one. We were not intending to finish the second book in that school year, but his love for math and the challenge it presented were a great combination and he finished up that book as well.

Help With Teaching Math

One thing that is a huge help to me as a teacher is the video instruction at the beginning of every lesson. Mr. Steve Demme’s teaching style is friendly and encouraging. He’s also great at explaining new concepts in ways that help them to stick.

It saves me a lot of preparation and teaching time to have our children watch the DVD’s. I like to watch them with the boys so that I know how they are learning the concepts and can answer their questions better later on.

The workbooks are printed in black and white, and I do miss the color and pictures that other curriculums offer.

However, we have felt that what we gain with Math U See is so much more than what we’ve lost with not having color workbooks, that it is definitely worth it!

You know, just sitting here writing this article is making me excited about starting school and teaching math!



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