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My Fathers World...

It was time to decide.

For several years we had been looking for a history/geography curriculum. We've also been looking for a science curriculum.

We weren’t in a hurry, because for young students it’s better to focus on just a few subjects, primarily reading and math.

But as our oldest student approached 3rd grade, we began thinking more seriously about adding curriculum. We wanted something that meshes with our Biblical worldview, and that would cover the bases of important history and geography.

And it of course it had to be interesting!

We found it with My Father's World. And it even includes science.

The ingenious part about My Fathers World, is that they haven't written much of their own curriculum. Rather, they have carefully selected high quality literature that is the basis for the curriculum.

There is a teacher's guide that walks you through the year, helping you know what reading or projects are planned for every day.

One of the reasons I'm so excited about this approach, is realizing how I learned when I was a student.

A high percentage of what I know now wasn't gained by my formal education, but rather through reading. So when I came across a curriculum based on high quality reading material, I realized I had a winner!

Highlights of My Fathers World Curriculum:

  • Recognizes the Bible as the foundation of wisdom and education (this is extremely important to me).
  • Hands on unit studies with easy to teach daily lesson plans (nice for mom).
  • Families and different age groups can work together (great for us - we'll likely have several of our children learning together)
  • Complete Preschool though High School Curriculum (we plan to mostly use their history, geography, and science, but for some people the whole curriculum will be just what they want)
  • Combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas and Classical Education with a Biblical Worldview.
  • A portion of profits helps support mission work.

We have been using My Fathers World for a number of years and have found it to be a good curriculum for our family!

Glad to be dad,


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