Maintaining An Organized Home With Simple Cleaning

Where there are people, there will be dirt – at least that’s how it is at our house! An organized home would not be very enjoyable if it wouldn’t also be clean, but how can I as a busy, homeschooling mom find time to clean??

I love having a clean house, but really, cleaning is not on the top of my list of favorite things to do. Here are some ways to help get your children involved in having an organized home and to make it into a rewarding, manageable chore.

Getting Your Children Involved

Our main cleaning day is on Friday. Here are some ideas of things I do to help get our children involved.

  • Write on slips of paper the different jobs that need to be done (i.e. clean boys’ sink, sweeping living room, etc.), put them in a bowl, and let the children draw out a slip for their cleaning job.
  • Make a list of the jobs that need to be done and let them choose a job, complete it, cross it off the list, and choose their next one.
  • Just let them choose which cleaning jobs they want to do that day.
  • Have them pair up as a team and tackle the cleaning that way!

Motivation is a big key in our house for how fast the work gets done. Sometimes looking forward to a small prize, doing something fun, or going somewhere special after the cleaning is finished can do wonders for the children’s attitudes.  

There have been many days when we’ve been trying to clean that it has felt like it would be much easier to just do the work by myself instead of teaching the children how to help me.

However, I knew that in the long run, we’ll benefit so much from sticking with it and getting them involved in helping.

And it really is paying off!  

Try to not get discouraged if the going is tough for a while. Patient, loving instruction WILL pay off for you too!

Because of the organization it takes to keep the children going with their jobs, I often don’t get very much cleaning done while they are doing their cleaning. I want to be okay with that because they are learning valuable lessons of working together and helping to keep our home organized.

As they are learning more and more about how to do the work on their own, it frees me up work on other things while they do the cleaning.  Now, that is some great payback for those tough teaching days! =) 

Attack the Dirt!

You may want to choose a certain day to do your main cleaning, but staying after the dirt throughout the week will make your main cleaning not be an overwhelming task.

  • If you see the sink is dirty, wipe it out.
  • If the toilet is in need of a cleaning, get some cleaner and do a quick swipe!
  • Is the carpet dirty in the living room? Ask your big helper to vacuum it for you.

Something else that will simplify your cleaning is to pick up the clutter that has collected at the beginning of your cleaning process.

If you don’t have time and energy to do deep cleaning every week, that’s okay. Remember to work together as a family. Keep after the daily crud that builds up, help each other tackle the weekly cleaning, and you’ll feel much better about having a clean and organized home without stressing out over getting it to be that way!

Happy cleaning,

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