An Organized Home –
Even With Loads of Laundry?

Is it possible to have an organized home with homeschooling and all the laundry - clean and dirty - that abounds with a family of six children?

Good news! It is possible!

And although it seems like the piles never disappear for long, there is hope in dealing with it in a manageable way.

It helps my perspective when I remember that the almost ever-present laundry is a blessing from God, a sign of having a family to love and care for and of having plenty to wear.

But how do you deal with the challenge of keeping up with the task of laundry?

My Mom's Solution

Here's one way my mom has made laundry manageable. She will often start a load in the washer before she goes to bed and then transfer it to the dryer sometime during the night and start the next load.

Sometimes by morning she is finished with the washing and drying part instead of having to start it in the morning.

I have adapted this to what seems to work well for me, which is sorting the laundry (or having the children do it) before I go to bed and starting one load.

Even that gives a great head start on the next day!

laundry basket piled full

Get Your Kids Involved

I know our children would freely say that folding wash is not their favorite job, but it is one that they often help with anyway.

It is a good project to work on together and helps us keep an organized home.

Our five oldest children are responsible to usually put their clean and folded clothes away, which is also a big help to me and a reasonable job to expect them to do.

Communicate With the Lord

When I'm folding laundry by myself, I love to pray for the different members of our family as I fold their clothes.

It helps the time go faster and what a better way to spend your time doing laundry than to be talking with your Heavenly Father?!

Maybe it would go something like this:

As I'm folding LaVerne's socks - "Father, thank You for my wonderful husband. Help him to keep walking with You."


As I'm folding shirts for our boys - "Lord, help them to cloth themselves with wisdom."


As I'm folding our daughter's dress - "Jesus, please help her to know that she is Your princess."

You get the idea! Make it personal for your family and their specific needs.

I am finding this concept is drastically improving my laundry folding time. I think you'll find that too!

Find a Good Routine

Our main laundry days are Monday and Thursday, with extra loads as needed in between.

I consider our washer and dryer some of my most valuable "maids"! They do their work while I can go on doing other things.

I enjoy hanging out jeans and towels if the weather cooperates and I feel like I should take the time to do that. It is rewarding to know that I’m saving some money by letting the wind and sun dry our clothes.

I find that to help keep an organized home, it is necessary to not only wash the laundry on those days, but also to fold and put it away the same day if at all possible.  Of course, that doesn’t always happen, but I think trying for that is a good goal.

So, please be encouraged that there is hope for handling the "unending" laundry job!

Many happy laundry loads,


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