An Organized Home - An Essential Art

Do you long for an organized home? A place of peace, not chaos? A place of things actually being where they belong?

Then join me as we journey together!

I have not mastered this art, but it is a very interesting and worthwhile subject to invest time and energy in.

My mom is one of my biggest heroes.

Mom’s highest desire for her family was (and still is) that we live for the Lord Jesus Christ, and that was reflected in the way she ordered her life and our home as I was growing up.

She and dad were committed to giving us a quality education at home, teaching us practical life skills, and equipping us with godly character.

When I think of how my mom managed our home so well, homeschooled seven children, took care of her elderly mother, and still had an organized home, I know I have an incredible amount of things to learn from her.

organized room

The goals my parents had for us are a lot the same as what we have for our children.

Join me as we look at some valuable tools that I have learned about organization from my mom, other godly women, and from personal experience!

Plan Ahead

For us as homeschooling moms, planning ahead is important in many areas and will be a wonderful help for having an organized home. I’ll mention a few areas that Mom’s example to me has been very helpful.

  • MEALS Families consume big amounts of food, and someone's gotta make it! Although meal preparation and serving takes a lot of our time, it can be enjoyable and fun!
  • LAUNDRY Oh yeah, how the piles of laundry - dirty and clean - build up! My mom has a laundry tip that has saved me lots of time.
  • PACKING FOR TRIPS If you know you’re going on a trip, don’t leave your packing until the last few days. Mom will often pack games, non-perishable food, etc. days in advance. And for me as a mother of five, this is a great idea! Do what you can in advance and save yourself as much last - minute packing stress as possible.

Kill Clutter

 To have a home that is orderly, you need to declutter your life and your home. Don't get discouraged - there are simple ways to accomplish your goal! 

Keep Your House Clean – Simply 

You don’t need to stress out over cleaning and you can still enjoy a clean house! My mom has taught me a lot about quick cleaning that transforms a house from dirty to clean without a whole day cleaning affair.

I hope you’ve been encouraged and motivated in the quest for an organized home!

Happy organizing,


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