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Learn to Play Piano at Home

With Piano Wizard you can learn to play music the way you learned your first language:

  • Naturally
  • Intuitively
  • At home.

It's an ideal way to begin learning piano, and a perfect fit for a homeschooling music curriculum. Our children are learning quickly, we don’t need to be taking them away to lessons, and their enthusiasm for singing is even improving!

It’s an ingenious idea.

You have a keyboard that plugs into your computer. Then the student plays a computer game that teaches piano!

There are five simple stages for each song, ending with the student being able to play the song from a song book (without the computer game). When the student masters the song, they move on to the next song.

Fun and Easy

Our 9, 7, 5, and 3 year olds all play it, of course with varying levels of skill. But even our three yr. old can play a song using two fingers on each hand, without looking at the keyboard.

Check out this YouTube video of our 3 yr. old. This is about a month after she started with Piano Wizard. At the end of the video she begs to play a song again!

And no, I didn't coach her to say that. This program is addictive - in a good way. It harnesses the power of fun to help the student learn.

And we haven’t needed to spend huge amounts of time teaching our children. They are able to mostly learn on their own.

Only positive reinforcement is used.

This very effectively builds confidence. Even someone with absolutely no previous experience on the piano can quickly feel like “I can do this”, and begin enjoying themselves!

A great value.

We are using Piano Wizard Academy, which is the most complete package available.

It comes with an excellent DVD set of music instruction that helps the student learn and understand the music. The lessons teach pitch, rhythm, timing, and finger numbering The teachers are Don and Delayna Beattie, and they are top-notch! Their enthusiastic encouragement motivates the student to enjoy learning music.

At first it may seem somewhat expensive (several hundred dollars for the Academy version). But when we realized that it could be used by all of our children and replace the first year or two of piano instruction, it was easy to see that it would actually save us money.

Plus, my wife doesn’t need to pack up our young children and take them away to lessons. We’ll save that for later when they’re a little older and ready for more advanced lessons.

I love the sounds of beautiful piano music that so often fill our home.

God has filled our hearts with music, and it’s only right that we offer it back to him. Thanks to Piano Wizard, we have found a great way to do this.

Glad to be dad,


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