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Help Your Child Become A Confident Reader and Speller

Are you feeling confused by the vast array of homeschool phonics options? Play 'n Talk is one thing our family has found to be the answer for us.

Actually, this phonics program goes back a long way for me.

I grew up in a homeschooling family, and my mom used this curriculum for all of my siblings. And she loved it! (I am the oldest and Mom hadn't known about this program when she was teaching me to read. So I missed out!)

It worked very well for my siblings. So when we were ready to teach our son how to read, this was naturally what I wanted to use as well!

And it has been great for our family. The joy of helping your child learn to read is amazing!

And to be able to do it with the help of a great program like this is wonderful.

When our oldest son was five, he wanted to learn how to read so badly that we decided it was time to purchase our own program and get going with the reading.

It worked very well to teach him and he now loves to read.  We also used it for our second son with great results.  Our third son had a harder time learning to read, and after starting with Play n' Talk, we decided to switch to The Reading Lesson.  We really like that too!

You could spend a long time each day with the books and tapes (or CD's like they offer now), but you can help your child learn to read in as little as 20 minutes a day.

There are also fun games like bingo to help reinforce what they are learning.

Since this phonics program is "non-consumable" it becomes a very cost effective way of teaching phonics - you can use it over and over for your own children and then pass it on to your grandchildren!

Happy reading!


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