Research Against Homeschooling?

What do we learn from research against homeschooling? Is homeschooling really as good as some claim, or is it just a great fraud?

We don't have to stay in the dark.

Let's learn from an expert! Read on to see the results of a study that was specifically geared to prove that homeschooling is dubious.

Determined to prove them wrong!

Lawrence Rudner was the director of a group called ERIC. ERIC is an educational research clearinghouse that collects every study done related to education.

So if I want to learn what's going on in education, I have to either look at all of those journals, or I can go to ERIC. ERIC tells me every study that's been done every month that has any relationship to education at all.

Lawrence Rudner, being the head of ERIC, saw lots of studies that indicated that homeschooled students excel, and he didn't believe any of them.

He believed they were all methodologically flawed.

He got so sick of seeing these studies that he finally decided he was going to create the perfect study to show once and for all that homeschoolers are probably below average.

Instead, He proved them RIGHT!

Here are the results of that study.

He used a real standard scale, called the DSS scale.

It is simply a measure of how educated you are. The higher you score on the DSS scale, the more educated you are.

In the graph the top line are the homeschooled students, the middle line are the privately schooled students, the bottom line are the publicly schooled students.

Did Lawrence Rudner end up publishing research against homeschooling? Hmmm.... Look closely at this incredible graph.

Superior At Every Grade Level

Notice that the homeschooled students at every grade level are superior to the privately schooled students, who at every grade level are superior to the publicly schooled students.

This was consistent with all of the research that Lawrence Rudner didn't believe.

In fact before doing this research Lawrence Rudner called homeschoolers "conservative nuts".

Completely Changed His Mind

He's now completely changed his tune. He sees that the data even in his study - what he considers the best study that could be done on this - indicates that at every grade level homeschoolers are superior academically.

One other thing to notice about this graph: the difference between the homeschooled child and the publicly schooled child increases, the longer the child is homeschooled.

The fact is, homeschooling becomes more advantageous the older the student is. That goes against a lot of people's preconceived notions, but it's the conclusions of several different studies, not just this one.


As I consider the evidence I conclude that the negative aspects of homeschooling pale compared to the positives.

This article has shown that even when an expert set out to publish research against homeschooling, he ended up doing just the opposite!

Glad to be dad,


This page is adapted from a speech entitled “Homeschooling: The Solution to our Education Problem”, by Dr. Jay L. Wile, Ph.D., Apologia Educational Ministries.

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