Why Is Starfall.com A Great Way To Teach Phonics?

Looking for a great way to help teach preschool phonics?

Starfall.com is an ad-free (except for the ad for their store) website that is colorful, interactive, and of course, FREE!

It is ideal for preschool - second grade in helping children learn to read.

We have found this website is a great tool for preschool phonics in helping to teach letter recognition and sounds.

The bright colors and pleasant children’s voices that say a lot of the letters and words are really cute and present a friendly atmosphere.

Another really neat feature of this website is free ABC downloads that are fun for your youngsters. There are also other things available for you to download from their site.

children picking dandelion

We are very careful about what we allow our children to play online, wanting things that will aid in teaching them godly values, not distract from them.

I have been happy with what I have seen in most of the stories and pictures.

However, there are a few sections of stories (for children that are reading already) on Greek Myths and Chinese Fables that I would caution you about.

I was also disappointed to notice that they do sell a book about Charles Darwin and evolution in their store.

Speaking of their store, they have a CD-ROM available that you can purchase so you can use and enjoy Starfall without internet access.

They also have lots of phonics materials and a Kindergarten Reading and Language Arts Program.

Yes, preschool phonics is a wonderful way to invest in your children’s lives and education. Enjoy the journey!

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