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What a joy to be able to share our story of how it was for us to start homeschooling!

Let me back up to before we were married. I grew up in a homeschooling family, loved it, and knew that I’d want to homeschool my own children some day – if my husband would want us do that.

When I was 18, I attended a Bible school in Arkansas. One of the classes I took was a Christian Home class, where one of our assignments was to make a list of requirements for our future spouse.

Wow – what a fun assignment! One of the things on my list was that he would be open to homeschooling our children.

Little did I know that the very next year at the same Bible school, God would allow me to meet the dream of my life, LaVerne.

Oh, I love how God works!

LaVerne grew up going to Christian schools, and hadn’t been convinced that to start homeschooling his own children would necessarily be a good idea.

However, he started to notice that a family in his area that homeschooled had children with exceptional character , and made the connection of homeschooling and better character.

Then he met, and eventually married, a homeschooled girl from KS!

As God blessed us with a family and they grew toward school age, He was directing us to start homeschooling our own children.

mom and son reading

Another thing that helped LaVerne know that homeschooling would be the best for our family was something he heard at a seminar. Here's more of the story.

Our oldest son wanted to learn how to read when he was five, and so began our adventure of homeschooling. We were not in a hurry to start him into school, but we wanted to take advantage of his desire to start reading.

So we dove in!

We started with the same phonics program that my mom used for all my siblings, Play ‘n Talk. What an awesome opportunity to teach our son how to read! It is amazing to watch children grasp concept after concept, put them together, and take off reading.

No, it wasn’t all easy sailing. We hit a slump time when he just didn’t want to keep going, but we stuck with it, slowly getting past the rough time. And now he’s a very good reader!

We joined a homeschool group the next year and also met our state’s requirements for homeschooling.

Everyone's story is different and yours will be unique as well.

We have certainly not attained perfection, but rather are enjoying the homeschooling journey God has mapped out for us, learning as we travel along.

Blessings on your adventure,


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