You Can Start Homeschooling!

Would you like to start homeschooling, but find yourself strangled by fear?

Set your fears and uncertainties aside as you read this article. Homeschooling can become one of the greatest joys of your life!

Questions you may be asking

Is homeschooling legal in the United States?

Yes, it is legal in all 50 states. State laws vary greatly, so it's important to be familiar with the laws in your state. Learn more about homeschooling requirements.

Does homeschooling hinder social development?

No, it does NOT.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about homeschooling. Homeschooled children do not need to be social hermits. They are usually involved in a variety of social activities, and relate well to all ages.

Studies show that homeschoolers typically have social skills matching or exceeding students in conventional schools. To learn more, visit our statistics page, and the article about homeschooling and socialization.

Will it be harder to get into college or find a job?

little boy with golf club

The homeschooled child may actually have a distinct advantage in both cases.

Some colleges are actively recruiting homeschoolers, and people in the workplace are noticing excellent qualities in many homeschooled students.

But I am not a professional teacher.

Will I have what it takes? Yes, you will.

Studies show that you are most likely the best teacher your child could get! You don't need a teaching degree. You ARE qualified.

Do I have enough time and energy to teach my children at home?

While only you can decide this, you may be surprised by how little time it actually takes.

Your children may be able to complete their school work in only a few hours, especially in the elementary years. Our son was able to complete two grades of math in one year, in addition to his other studies. He was usually done before noon.


Make sure you check our homeschooling statistics page, where you'll find fascinating statistics and articles about the studies I've referred to here, and more.

Useful tips to help you get started

Select your curriculum and schooling method.

The choices are so many and varied that this can be daunting. It was helpful for us to ask advice from friends who are homeschooling, and to attend a homeschool convention (they're held in every state). If you want to know what curriculum we are using, check out our homeschooling-curriculum page.

Get connected.

Join a support group. Support homeschool events in your area. Look for families that are doing it well, and ask for their advice. To find contact information for a homeschool convention or support group, visit HSLDA's website (Home School Legal Defense Association).

Keep it relaxed.

You will have much more energy left at the end of the day! My wife does a super job with relaxed homeschooling.

Know that it's possible - we survived!

Read my wife's story of what it was like for us to start homeschooling.

And I've saved the best for last - dive in!

Yup, my best advice on how to start homeschooling is to simply start. Avoid paralysis by analysis. You'll make mistakes, but you'll learn from them. You're embarking on one of the grandest and most rewarding adventures of your lifetime - homeschooling!

Glad to be dad,


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