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I love to read.

When I sit down with a good book, the rest of the world recedes, and I go on a trip of learning and enjoyment.

Much of what I know has been learned during many hours as a child, reading through World Book Encyclopedias, and whatever interesting book I could lay my hands on.

Will my children love to read?

A good language arts curriculum can be a big help. If my children can master the basics of language, they will read more and enjoy it more. That's why we are using Total Language Plus as part of our homeschooling curriculum.

It's a literature based Language Arts Curriculum with a Christian Perspective.

The student reads a carefully chosen novel, and then all of the language arts activities are based on the novel.

Vocabulary words, spelling words, grammar, reading, and writing assignments all come from the story the student has read.

Since the child's lesson's are based on the book she is reading, she has a context for learning. It's not just an abstract vocabulary word. It's part of the story!

This helps the student really learn and remember, not just prepare for a test and then forget it all afterwards. Mastery learning is taught, rather than just short-term memorization.

If you love to read, and want your children to love to read, consider this excellent language arts program.

Glad to be dad,


P.S. A note from mom here...

We had just finished our spelling activities for the day, when Jordan told me, "I like this so much better than spelling. I hate spelling!"

"This is spelling," I replied.

His response was, "Well, it's not called spelling. It's Total Language Plus!"

So, call it whatever suits you best - we are having fun learning with TLP!

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